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LeadInsight is a flexible cloud-based business intelligence solution that offers in-depth insights into the business in a timely and accurate manner to aid decision making. It generates highly interactive and customisable dashboards that focus on addressing the business problems that touch on the customers, people, and the organisation.

Our solution uses data generated from within and outside our clients’ domain to provide easy-to-use and powerful visualisations that communicate performance to different business strata. It efficiently tracks and optimises the performance of the internal activities.


Dashboard reporting

Powerful and intuitive dashboards that summerise the key performance of the business.


A flexible and customisable interface to generate bespoke reports and dashboards.


The solution encrypts data and reports to ensure maximum security.


Users can access the solution through the web or mobile devices.


Better Insights

It empowers organisations to understand their clients’ preferences and develop customer-centric products and services to meet those needs.

User friendly

Being a web and mobile-based application, it is very convenient and friendly in the hands of the users.

Accuracy and Timeliness

Accurate and timely report delivery.

Integration capabilities

It gives a 360-degree view of the business by integrating data from other sources.