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We transform organisational accounting system to support optimal revenue growth and cost optimisation.

Descriptions of the service

Accounting System Development helps organisations to set up or transform their finance and account functions to a lean, efficient, effective and compliant department that is agile and future-ready. We transform an organisation’s accounting system by focusing on the development of People, Processes and Technology.

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We are a team of experienced accounting professionals who understand your specific business and industry needs. We assist our clients in setting up accounting processes and operations that will support the business objectives of their organisations.


  • We develop, review, and document the finance processes, policies and procedures that integrate with the entire business.
  • We formulate and implement performance management strategies and structures.
  • Digitisation of processes and reports in the account departments
  • Process mapping and analysis to identify opportunities for revenue generation and cost optimisations.
  • We offer human resources planning, recruitment, and training of the account functions.

We only recruit Accounting and Finance professionals across all sectors.

Our service saves cost and time to hire.

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      What sets up apart?

      • Our approach finds and pairs organisations with qualified accounting and finance professional with the right technical expertise and cultural fit.
      • Our consultants led by a former CFO will navigate through titles and impressive resumes, to ask the right questions that will guage the candidates skill sets.
      • Our expertise is not limited by industry or geography, rather it spans across various industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, and more.
      • We have access to a pool of accounting talents that may otherwise be difficult to reach.
      • We deliver long-term benefits to our clients, including employee satisfaction and retention and decreased staff turnover.

      Values to our Clients

        1. Identification of qualified professionals with the right mix of competence and culture fit
        2. Saving of the costs and the risks of running a business without the right talents.
        3. Reducing time and cost to hire
        4. Optimising job descriptions and screening to ensure the best fit
        5. Using our client’s workforce plan for the year, we can proactively identify clients and get them ready to be hired.

      Novella Africa attracts and deploys Accounting personnel listed below to your firm;

    • Chief Finance Officers
    • Financial Controllers
    • Finance Managers
    • Management Accountants
    • Finance Analysts
    • Treasury Accountants
    • Accounts Payable (AP) Accountants
    • Accounts Receivable (AR) Accountants
    • Management Accountants
    • Manufacturing Accountants
    • General Accountants
    • Inventory Accountants
    • Accounts Payable (AP) Accountants
    • Cost Accountants
    • Tax Accountants
    • Payroll Specialists
    • Billing and Invoicing officers
    • Accounting Clerks
    • Bookkeepers